This website contain material for a series of lectures given on the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. These lectures are being given at St. Britto’s High School, Mapusa, Goa to a group of lay people from the 22nd to the 28th of March, 2010. It is given in the hope that we can bridge the gap between Catholic ignorance of the Bible and the lastest scholarly research being done in this field. But more than that, it’s purpose is pastoral, in offering fresh insights into the life of Jesus of Nazareth so as to increase our faith and help us share in the eternal life which he promised.

The first lecture is on the Introduction to the Gospels and the Passion Narratives. We then take up the Gospel of Mark as an example of the synoptic Gospels, and then the Gospel of John, which is read everyyear on Good Friday. We also will take up briefly the Gospel of Luke as we are reading it Year C of the liturgical calender. Lastly, we will take up insights into the resurrection of Jesus. The material will be posted just before the lectures.

My hope in putting these lectures up on the web, is that it is available to a much broader audience – so that people can truly prepare themselves internally and spiritually for the Holy Week, and encouter the crucified and resurrected Jesus of Nazareth through a fresh reading of the Passion Narratives as found in the Gospels.

– Richard D’Souza SJ